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About Us

The Renaissance Preschool is a morning preschool program serving families with children 2.9 - 5 years old.    Visit Toddler Time!

Our Approach

Children and teachers

learn together as they

discover and research topics of interest as partners.

Our Staff
Each classroom  is staffed by two experienced, certified  preschool educators and two to four student interns.
Contact us

Interested parents are invited to come for a visit!  Contact us by telephone or email to

set up a time to visit with us.

We Have Great News!

Yes, we have a space available for you for the 2024-25 school year!

Although we're closed for a summer break, interested parents are

invited to set up time to come for a visit!

Email for more information

We hope Toddler Time will return next year...

Toddler Time is a fun pre-preschool experience for your almost preschooler! 

    For additional information, please see our 'About Us' link above

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