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Shopping for Preschool

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

It started - parents are out looking for preschools for next year... some began their search in January. Depending on location and availability of preschool openings, some parents may leave it go until summer. Often because it seems like an awesome task and they really don't know where to begin or what to look for.  Parents are their child's first teacher and know their child better than anybody else. It's important to keep that perspective in mind when visiting preschools and observing classrooms in action. As you interact with staff, be sensitive to how they talk with you and other parents. Are you getting the sense they respect parents as partners and acknowledge you as your child's first teacher? If you feel like staff are talking with you, and not at you, chances are they respect your important task of being a parent.  While visiting a preschool or child care center, be sure to ask about parental involvement - are parents welcome in the classroom? Invited to help enrich the curriculum? Or are they just needed at fundraising events and to help on a playground work day?  Talking with staff (not just the director) and taking a close look at the classroom environment will help you decide if that school will be a good fit for your child. I'd also add that's important to observe and listen to how the teachers are interacting with each other. Adult adult interactions can be quite telling. It's terrible to say but I've visited places where teachers are not happy and the center is in a continual state of crisis coping. If you notice the teachers seem happy and work well together, chances are the children are happy there too. Preschool for Parents is the perfect place to help you with your search. My future posts will provide more suggestions of what to look for when visiting a prospective preschool. Please stay tuned for more

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